The playing qualities of my instruments have been helped greatly by my own insights as a performer, with the result that there are more owners among professional harpsichordists and leading figures in the Early Music world, than many makers can claim. Of course, their feedback has been invaluable in turn, helping me to continue to improve the standard of my work, as well as control the touch and response of an instrument to a particular person’s needs.

Owners include:


Colin Tilney (four instruments)


Vicky Boeckmann
Lars Ulrik Mortensen
Nicolai and Hanne Nielsen


Christine Daxelhofer
Irene Muller-Glasewald
Kristian Nyquist (two instruments)


Yonit Lea Kosovske


Sabine and Thomas Kaipainen
The late Michel Piguet
Paul Simmonds
Ralph Stelzenmuller

The UK

Lisa Beznosiuk
Theresa Caudle
Terence Charlston
Bridget Cunningham
Katie De La Matter
Steven Devine (three instruments)
Satoko Doi-Luck
Nancy Hadden
Anthony Halstead
Steven Hollas
Peter Holman
Nicholas Kraemer
Richard Lester (two instruments)
David Pollock
David Ponsford
Stephen Preston
Massimo Redaelli (two instruments)
Philip Robinson
David Roblou
Clare Shanks
Paul Simmonds
Henrietta Wayne
John Wellingham
Christine Wiffen
Andrew Woolley

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