After a lifetime of making early keyboard instruments, I no longer take commissions. However, one or two instruments, either new or refurbished, may be available from time to time for immediate sale (see below).

As a harpsichord maker I have had the pleasure of supplying around three hundred customers, including a high percentage of professional musicians. Some leading harpsichordists have acquired at least four instruments, including Colin Tilney (Canada) and Steven Devine (UK).

I keep a selection of instruments for my own pleasure, for concert use and recording, and continue to hire harpsichords for concerts. A few instruments are also available for long-term rental, within a restricted geographical area. Please contact me for information on these services.

Here are some examples of my work.


New and used instruments available for sale

new ottavini



Several built during the second half of 2018 and early 2019.

Price £4,500.

(See News page for video and further information.)


new lefebvre


New instrument after Lefebvre

New harpsichord completed 2018, after a small 17th century original by Lefebvre.

More photos.

This instrument can be decorated if desired (see gallery above). A bright, singing tone with great clarity, and a remarkable bass. Two 8 foot registers and a particularly successful buff stop.
Double transposer: A = 392 / 415 / 440.
The legs can be unscrewed from the table stand, making this instrument (only just over 2 metres long) extremely convenient to transport.

Price including padded cover, music desk, and all normal extras, £11,200. No VAT.


Harpsichord makers are always asked certain questions. I’m pleased to provide some answers here.

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