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Italian single-strung harpsichord tiny logo

My “8b” model - single-strung Italian

I have a new example of my most popular instrument available for immediate sale.
Single-strung, derived from harpsichord originals by Domenico of Pesaro, it has a particularly Italian single-strung harpsichord beautiful tone.
GG/BB - d3 with a transposer, two-part lid and padded cover.

Dimensions: Length 178cm (70”), width 77cm (30.5”).

(Update September 2017- This instrument now sold.)

(This page last updated on 18th November 2017.)

Instruments to order - my portfolio

For the time being, I am concentrating entirely on three kinds of one-manual instrument:

1) Italian harpsichords

Italian single-strung harpsichord Italian single-strung harpsichord Italian single-strung harpsichord

Two medium-sized instruments will be made in 2018, similar to the one shown here.

These instruments are 2.2 metres long. One of the pair is now commissioned. Price around £9,000.


From the 16th to the 18th centuries Italian instruments were used more widely throughout Europe than those of any other tradition. Supremely practical, and perfect continuo instruments, they are also ideal for much solo music. Their clear, unfussy tone often has a long sustain and a bell-like clarity.


Italian single-strung harpsichord

Italian single-strung harpsichords:

Several designs are available, among them my most popular instrument (the “8b” model, with several dozen customers). This instrument can be supplied without a lid or with a full lid system.

Italian double-strung harpsichord

Italian double-strung harpsichords:

The instrument illustrated was made for Dartington International Summer School. Smaller instruments and different finishes are available.



2) French harpsichords after Lefebvre

Two harpsichords after a small 17th century instrument by Lefebvre are under construction. These photos show the same model, built for Satoko Doi Luck (London). This model replaces my very similar German harpsichord after Vater.

French harpsichord French harpsichord

French harpsichord French harpsichord

Only 2 metres long, but with an extended compass and remarkable bass tone, these harpsichords will be available by mid 2018. Price, dependent upon decoration and the nature of the stand, will be around £11,000.

new ottavini


3) Ottavini

Several to be built during the second half of 2018. Price around £4,000. (See News page for video and further information.)

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