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Fogliano to Froberger
A century of Ricercars



My new CD features these pieces and 17 more, by Claudio Veggio, Julio of Modena, and Giacomo
Fogliano, three 16th century composers with distinctive voices. Contrasted with these are very
different ricercars by Frescobaldi and his pupil Froberger.

I have found that this music can appeal to anyone. One can simply enjoy a rich sound-world
produced by the sonorities of three very different Italian style instruments (including an ottavino,
which has attracted a YouTube following of its own) – but also enjoy the development of keyboard
counterpoint from its early origins through to pieces which look forward to the baroque fugue.


These recordings have prompted these responses from experts in the field:

David Ponsford – Choir and Organ

…a fascinating history in recorded sound…the instruments (three are recorded here) are ideal for
projecting the intricate contrapuntal lines and beautifully arpeggiated chords.

Bradley Lehman, American Record Guide:

For connoisseurs it is marvellous to hear these pieces, that often seem like solemn vocal-ensemble counterpoint without words. The performances are patient and exemplary...

My Youtube videos of early Ricercars by Veggio prompted a lot of interest. You can see these here:

Plus this one played on the Ottavino, by Jacobo Fogliano:

Here’s a new video by Stephen Malinowski, of a ricercar by Froberger.

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