Physical or Downloadable CDs

All my recordings prior to 2008 are downloadable by individual track, from the usual media outlets. All these CDs will soon be available to download complete, from this site, for a bargain price of £7, including booklet notes.


However, the most recent releases are only available as CDs, as the sound quality is far more realistic and therefore more enjoyable. Also, I take great care in the preparation of informative booklet notes. (The notes for Bach’s Well-tempered Clavier have prompted high praise in their own right.) CDs also make an attractive and durable gift!

To see CDs that are downloadable, visit:

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C.P.E Bach Sonatas cover photo - self portrait of Bach

C.P.E Bach
Digital Download


Essential Scarlatti Cover Photo - playing harpsichord

Essential Scarlatti
Digital Download