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Buxtehude: Suites and Variations



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Extract from Variations in C | Track 3Buxtehude
00:00 / 01:10
Extract from Suite in C | Track 14Buxtehude
00:00 / 00:59


Buxtehude Suites and Variations CD 

Track List:

  1. Variations in C major (BUX WV 246)

  2. Suite in C major (BUX WV 230)

  3. Suite in A major (BUX WV 243

  4. Suite in D minor (BUX WV 234)

  5. Variations in A minor (BUX WV 249)

  6. Suite in F major (BUX WV 239)

  7. Suite in G minor (BUX WV 242)

  8. Variations in G (La Capricciosa) (BUX WV 250)


(Booklet notes in English and German)


It is all enjoyable music and sounds good on this sweet-toned instrument, whose beauties are well demonstrated. Booth has an easy command of the French ‘notes inégales’ style, which gives the playing a naturalness. Recommended.
Peter Grahame Woolf, Musical Pointers

A player for whom the ‘stylus phantasticus’ holds no fear or caution is Colin Booth… This is gutsy, unfussy, virtuosic playing with both freedom and control, and I found my feet tapping along more than once. Booth’s ability to sustain and project lines brings the music right off the page with an immediacy… compellingly presented.
James Davy, Early Music Today

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