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Seminars held at the Dartington International Summer School led to Did Bach really mean that? a 350-page handbook for players. Its aim is to encourage not just harpsichordists, but all keyboard players, whatever their instrument, to go ‘beyond the dots’: to discover more fully the breadth of meaning which an apparently simple Baroque score may conceal. Notation is a musical language, and all Baroque composers – not just Bach, Handel, Mattheson, but Couperin, Rameau, Scarlatti, and countless others, used it in a personal way, striving to overcome its limitations.

Also available from Soundboard Publications is a select group of musical scores, most of which originate in my recordings, available on the Recordings page.

Did Bach Really Mean That?

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Mattheson Edition

The Melodious Talking Fingers

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Liz Lane


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Liz Lane

Diamond Fantasia

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Chaccone in D minor Sheet Music

J. S. Bach, Chaconne in D minor

Arr. Colin Booth


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