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Louis Couperin:
Harpsichord Music



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Extract from Chaconne la Complaignante | Track 8Louis Couperin
00:00 / 01:22
Extract from Prelude a l'imitation de Mr. Froberger | Track 17Louis Couperin
00:00 / 00:34


Less well-known than his nephew Francois, Louis Couperin, who died aged only 31, has left us a wealth of emotionally charged compositions. These transcend their role as dance-music and have become firm favourites among today’s harpsichordists.


This disc is as interesting for the instrument as for Louis Couperin’s music. Colin Booth, exceptionally, is both a fine performer and an historically informed craftsman. He acquired the two-manual 1661 French-Italian Nicholas Celini harpsichord in 2012, restored it and then - inspired by its remarkably “long sustain” - chose to record pieces by Couperin.
The instrument, when tuned to 17th-century French pitch, produces an exceptionally resonant sound, especially considering there is no keyboard coupler: the bass is strong and clear, and Booth’s timely use of the 4ft stop on the upper manual is enchanting… His interpretations are at once poetic, luxuriant and emotionally compelling.

Julie-Anne Sadie, Gramophone, November 2015.

Colin Booth continues to provide performances of an exceptional quality.
The Consort


  1. Prélude in D major

  2. Allemande in D minor

  3. Two Courantes

  4. Canaries

  5. Sarabande

  6. La Pastourelle

  7. Volte

  8. Chaconne la Complaignante

  9. Prélude

  10. Allemande

  11. Courante

  12. Sarabande

  13. Gigue

  14. Chaconne la Bergeronnette

  15. Prélude in G minor

  16. Prélude in C major

  17. Prélude à l’imitation de Mr. Froberger

  18. Menuet de Poitou et son Double

  19. Gigue

  20. La Piémontoise

  21. Sarabande en Rondeau

  22. Prélude

  23. Allemande Grave

  24. Gaillarde

  25. Branle de Basque

  26. Sarabande

  27. Sarabande Two

  28. Gigue

  29. Tombeau de Mr. de Blancrocher

  30. Chaconne

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