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Peter Philips:
The English Exile



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Extract from Amarylli di Julio Romano | Track 8Peter Philips
00:00 / 01:06
Extract from Galliarda Passamezzo | Track 13Peter Philps
00:00 / 01:15


Recorded on a copy of a double-manual Italian harpsichord in the Germanisches Museum in Nuremberg, this CD presents some of the incredible music from one of England’s most cosmopolitan composers.
Philips presents an extreme example of the effects of intolerance: he left England, apparently because of his religion, in 1582, aged 22. He spent time Italy, travelled widely and ended up in Antwerp. His music shows many influences whilst never losing its uniquely “English” flavour.

Track List:

  1. Pavana Doloroso. Tregian 1593

  2. Galliarda Dolorosa

  3. Pavana (“the first one Philips made”) 1580

  4. Galliardo

  5. Cosi Moriro

  6. Le Rossignuol 1595

  7. Margott Laborez 1605

  8. Amarylli di Julio Romano 1604

  9. Fantasia

  10. Pavana Pagget

  11. Galliarda Pagget

  12. Pavana Passamezzo 1592

  13. Galliarda Passamezzo

  14. Fantasia 1582


For delight in sheer harpsichord sound, this disc is hard to beat.
BBC Music

Colin Booth is as alert as can be in the slender but resilient emotions of this music. Design of the [CD cover] leaflet is excellent and the notes are extremely informative. Definitely worth exploring. Four Stars.
Rob Barnett, Classical Music on the Web

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