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Harmony's Monument: The Twelve Suites of 1714

£14.00 - The complete recording (2 CDs)

Extract from Tocatine | Suite no.2 | Track 8Mattheson
00:00 / 00:54
Extract from Air | Suite no.5 | Track 26Mattheson
00:00 / 01:05


Track List:

CD One

  1. Suite no.1 in D minor

  2. Suite no.2 in A major

  3. Suite no.3 in D major

  4. Suite no.4 in G minor

  5. Suite no.5 in C minor

  6. Suite no.6 in E flat major

CD Two:

  1. Suite no.7 in B flat major

  2. Suite no.8 in D minor

  3. Suite no.9 in G minor

  4. Suite no.10 in E minor

  5. Suite no.11 in C major

  6. Suite no.12 in F minor


(Booklet notes in English and German)


The music is original, tuneful, and inventive; it says much for its quality that each of the twelve suites uses fresh ideas and is clearly differentiated from the others… The suites should certainly be better known.
Richard Maunder, Early Music Review, October 2008.

Every recording that I have heard from Colin Booth has been enlightening. His recordings of William Croft (SBCD991) and Peter Phillips (The English Exile, SBCD992) showed what I was missing in thinking of certain composers solely in terms of their vocal and choral output and the present recording has shown me how wrong I was to think of Johann Mattheson as a rather boring musical theorist…
Brian Wilson, MusicWeb International, Feb 2009

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