Eight Suites of 1698



J. C. F. Fischer – perhaps J. S. Bach’s most important mentor, and 15 years his senior, gave Bach the concept of a set of preludes and fugues in all the keys. He even borrowed some themes from Fischer’s fugues and reworked preludes from these suites, for use in the Well-tempered Clavier.

Bach also found inspiration in Fischer’s published works, for a new, ambitious and varied kind of
keyboard suite, and his four orchestral suites were clearly inspired by Fischer’s successful suites,
influenced by French models.

None of this would have happened, had Fischer’s music not also been of the highest quality and
originality. The 1698 set, titled in German Blumen-büchlein (Little book of Flowers), was published
when Fischer was only 25. Each suite offers a surprise, yet they form a coherent whole.
These wonderful pieces were recorded using two harpsichords, both of which have a particularly
beautiful tone, and which were made in Colin’s workshop.


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