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All my recordings prior to 2018 are available for download, track by track, from the usual media outlets.

However, the most recent releases are only available as CDs, as the sound quality is far more realistic and therefore more enjoyable. Also, I take great care in the preparation of informative booklet notes. (The notes for Bach’s Well-tempered Clavier have prompted high praise in their own right.) CDs also make an attractive and durable gift!

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Books One and Two of J S Bach’s The Well-tempered Clavier)
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Sheet Music - Arrangement of Bach’s Chaconne in D minor

Many of today’s leading harpsichordists have made their own arrangements of this mighty piece. I first heard such a performance when given by Gustav Leonhardt in 1986. The harpsichord is particularly effective in conveying its mood and stature, and it presents the player with a single movement more than ten minutes long, which is a rarity in the harpsichord repertoire.

sheet music of Chaconne
					arranged for harpsichord

My own arrangement for the harpsichord of the Chaconne (the concluding movement of Bach’s Partita No. 2 in D minor for solo violin) is available to download as sheet music from   www.devinemusic.co.uk.

Here are the first few bars:

It can be heard in its entirety on the CD Bach by Arrangement and also - transposed down to the more sombre key of A minor - on Dark Harpsichord Music, above.

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